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Tips to Maintain The Home Swimming Pool

It is an attraction to have a swimming pool at your property. Swimming pool maintenance is important so that your friends and family can enjoy the pool. The pool must be cleaned regularly to keep the microorganism away and have a crystal clear water.

maintain swimming pool

Mentioned below is the guide to have a clean swimming pool:

If you winterize the swimming pool regularly then it can be easily used in the swimming season. The area around the pool must be cleaned before uncovering the swimming pool. Sweep the closely area thoroughly. Now fill the water in the pool to the normal level. The pH level of the water must be checked. You must check the pH level and then adjust it. If the pH gets high then use the muriatic acid, if the pH is low then uses the soda ash. The pH of the pool should not go bone 7.8 and must not be below 7.2

The swimming pool must be cleaned on daily basis. The trash like leaves and dead insects must be removed from the pool. The bottom of the pool should be crystal clear. Vacuum the downside of the pool. In long run with the continuous use of the pool, contaminants develop inside the pool such as nitrogen and ammonia. The pool start developing the foul odour. The reason is that chlorine reacts and form chloramine that generate the smell. To get rid of such order, it is mandatory to shock the pool water. This process is also known as super chlorinate. In this process huge quantities of chlorine is added to the pool. It balances the chlorine level of pool and helps in removing the odour. There fore, the pools should be shocked regularly within some intervals.

A lot of water will be lost throughout the swimming season. The main cause is due to the evaporation and other reasons are splashing, swimming etc. The pool’s water level must be checked at the time of skimming of the pool. It has to be made sure that the water level should not fall below the skimmer.

The Pool heaters need the servicing too. There are gas and electric heaters used in the pool. The maintenance of the electric heaters is low. The manufacturers guides must be consulted for the care of the swimming pool heaters. The calcium deposition may occur inside the water heater. It results in low water pressure. It also restricts the flow of the water. The professionals are required to clean the heater from inside. They use the acid and wire brush are used for cleaning the inner walls of the heater. The heaters are disassembled.

There are three types of swimming pool filters. They are diatomaceous, cartridge and sand filter. They all require a regular cleaning. Each kind has a different maintenance process. It depends on the filter type and the usage of the swimming pool.

swimming pool maintenance

A pool must be vacuumed every week regularly. It helps in keeping the pool water clean and also reduces the chemical amount present in the water. Different kinds of pool vacuums are present. The manual vacuum is used in a similar way as vacuuming the carpet. The filters need to be checked every time of the vacuuming. If they are dirty then they need cleaning.

Cleaning of pool’s wall is important too. There are depositions on the walls such as calcium, algae. A soft or the stiff brush is used in the cleaning of the walls. The pool’s walls are made of tiles, fiberglass or vinyl. Regular maintenance of pool will keep the swimming pool in neat and clean. Though the maintenance of the pool depends on the type of the pool yet there are common things that are used in pool cleaning.

Updated: February 8, 2017 — 4:48 am

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