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Make Your Bedroom and Living Room a Perfect Place to Live

Everyone loves to have a good night sleep after a long howling day at office. You will love to have a peaceful sleep after lying on the comfortable bed. How many people can have a perfect good night sleep. Many people struggle in night to get sound sleep. There may be various reasons. One may be very stressed. The other reason may be getting in bed very late. Whatever reason it be for having a bad sleep night, no one would like to have a restless night. There are many things that affect your sleep also. Your bedroom must create positivity to provide you best night sleep. The bedroom may be small and cozy or it may be the luxurious master bedroom of your home.

bedroom renovation

To make your bedroom heaven there are few tips mentioned below


Although the bedroom looks like a cozy place to rest and relax yet it is more than that. The room decor makes a difference. Place your favourites in your room. The room is your personal space. Decorate it according to your taste. You can keep scented candles, hang family pictures, place fresh flowers, play light music. This would keep your mind relaxed and stress free. Once you lie down on bed to have a night sleep no worries must bother you. Have a comfortable night sleep.

Room space

The bedroom can get messy very easily. There is lot of stuff that lies in the bedroom. It may be clothes, shoes, accessories, bed-sheets, quilt, books etc. The room may be full of clutter and it gives a feel of storage room rather than bedroom. Keep everything in place after use. Remove clutter at regular intervals. Sort out useful things and place them back at their assigned spaces. Create space in room by keeping storage box, racks etc so that nothing is scattered in the room. There are many ways to keep the bedroom spacious even if it is small. Work on it and keep the mind cool while going on bed.


Keep renovating and remodeling your bedroom at least once in year. Change the wallpaper or color the walls. Change the room decor. That does not mean an overt spending. Change the duvets, curtains, quilts so that they look fresh to you. Create an ideal sleeping environment in the room. Change the furniture if possible. You can simply change the furniture polish to make it look new.

An easy way to avoid the expenses every year on remodeling of the room is to change the furniture placed in the room, if that is possible in your room. Shift the bed and the cabinets in different directions. Place attractive throw rugs around the room. Always place soft fluffy duvets and pillows. Room should be clean and bright.

Tips to have a comfortable living room at home

After a long working day at office you come home to relax with family and have some quality time with the family. It is a common room where the entire family can sit and chitchat and also can have fun time. You can also attend your guests here. Below are some points that should be kept in mind while decorating the living room at your home:

living room renovation

Seating in the room

Living room is the main room where seating is important as the family members with different age will use this room. Therefore the seating should be comfortable . There are many kinds of sofas and chairs available. Sofas must be matching to the room decor and also should be comfortable. The members will sit here and create happy moments together. There can be reclining chairs, bean bags, wooden chairs and sofas. Manage the seating as per the space.

Entertainment of the family

Placing the television in the living room is the good idea. If everyone will watch the television together then they will stay bonded. It would be only night time when everyone will spend some time together. You can also place some board game in the room.

Keep the living room free of clutter and clean so that everyone feel good when they are sitting together. Take help of family members in cleaning the room at regular intervals.

Updated: October 18, 2016 — 8:15 am

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